Business Process Outsourcing

It is clear that business process outsourcing is a powerful tool for enterprises to smooth operations, improve efficiency of processes, gain better quality results faster and save costs. We have being fulfilling their needs by providing our service in starting and expanding business operations in Indonesia. Our service mostly focuses on human resources, finance, marketing and other functions.

  • Specialized Recruitment for Sales Field-Force

    Sole recruitment function is important key to BPO provider to support your overall business strategy. Especially in Indonesia, flexibility and recruiting qualified employee on-time are important.

  • Payroll Processing

    Payroll processing is complicated and needs accuracy and timeliness. It is important to understand the regulations related to tax and social security in Indonesia. Our computerized payroll system will be your solution.

  • Accounting and Tax Reporting

    Accurate accounting and tax reporting are regular processes. As like other countries, Indonesia has its own tax regulations, which all Indonesian companies must comply with.

  • Business Set-up and Work Permits

    If you want to start business in Indonesia, you need legal permit according to the purpose as like other countries. Sometimes, arranging for work permits, and other related administrative documents is very time consuming in Indonesia.

  • Training Skill and Facility for Sales Field-Force

    We have training facility to train massive Sales Field-Force team as many as 1,000 trainees at one time at several places in Jabotabek.

  • Market Research and Analysis for Electronic Consumer Goods

    We have wide network in whole Indonesia for Electronic Consumer Goods. Successful market strategy usually are based on a regular and extensive market research as an key method for finding opportunities of the Indonesian market.